utility solutions.

Our services

An annual ground line inspection is the best way to maintain a healthy overhead system and extend the life of the poles. Our inspection and patrol teams can reach even the most remote areas and provide a detailed report of your assets. Plus, our emergency storm response team can be ready at a moment’s notice to help utilities assess damage and identify hazards.

Various treatments may be performed to protect and maintain the pole, including applying a preservative wherever decay is found and applying pesticides below the surface. We can also reinforce the pole using steel banding and offer pad mount transformer painting to help extend the life of your equipment.

GeoForce uses GPS technology to gather
coordinates for accurate mapping of structures and devices. Collection of accurate pole inventory, including devices, phasing, structures and joint use attachments, can help you build and maintain your GIS and mapping systems.

Where we work

Based in North Carolina, we currently service a growing number of clients east of the Mississippi River. Our customers include distribution and transmission electric companies, municipalities, and communication companies.